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The Legend of Harper Trilogy By J.T. Brown

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The Legend of Harper and the Reversing Worlds Trilogy Book 1 & 2.0 By J.T. Brown.

Very rarely do I get frustrated with major publishing houses. But. Boo, boo on you Scholastic for not discovering this literary gem yet.  *takes a sip of tea* Ok, I am done with my rant.

J.T. Browns Legend of Harper trilogy is a true gem and I hope it becomes a children's classic. J.T.'s character narration's, descriptions and storyline literally transport the reader into the the story.

 I never once struggled with reading this, my only problem was putting the book down.

 I hope J.T. does not take this as an insult, but her writing style reminded me very much of another children's author. Katherine Paterson. Fellow readers if you do not know who this author is (shame on you) then I'll give you the name of  Katherine Paterson's very famous book: Bridge to Terabithia. 

  Since Spring Break is upon us. I would very much recommend The Legend of Harper Trilogy books 1- 2.0 for your Kiddos to read and if you're a book nerd like me then read it along with them. You won't be disappointed.

Here is the synopsis of each book. Parents. These books are recommended (by the author, none the less) for children ages 8+ or children that can read and comprehend at a 3rd grade level. I would not read this to any children younger. It does have some parts that might be scary to a small child and they may not be able to comprehend the story just yet :)

“The Legend of Harper and the Reversing Worlds, Trilogy One”
-Age Level: 8 & up, Grade level 3-up

-This children's fantasy fiction book contains no foul language or any adult content of any kind.

Pages: 248

Fantasy/Science Fiction

Adventure/ Paranormal

Harper Grogen has no idea that she is the most powerful creature in Pasmaqon. She recognizes that she is different from other eleven year olds; maybe a little quirky, but magical was not in her self-description.

Her inquisitive notion drove her to an old tattered book which held a mysterious stone. Struggling to open the clasp, releasing the stone as, it radiates a glow across her room.

She kept the rock in her pocket for secrecy.

Her possession of the stone sent her to a world, which had been hidden under the ocean's fire tornado of “'Reversing Falls.”

She found herself fighting for her life in a land that is its own worst compelling character, not knowing who to trust, only the estranged friends that she meets along the way. Oliver, which holds his cover as a trustworthy gnome, and Minsty, a large gentle giant that protects her from the dark creatures, who roam and strip the lands with their ghostly evil presence.


She discovers that her adventure holds the key of eternity. She learns her existence is a true mystery that sings along the pages of her ancestor’s mysterious book.

“Tide’s Ghost of the Reversing Worlds, Trilogy Two, Part I”

-Age Level: 8 & up, Grade level 3-up, Series: 2

-This children's fantasy fiction book contains no foul language or any adult content of any kind.

Pages: 249

The words whisper along the pages of the old tattered book showing its deceitful powers, only to harm what is in its path to Harper’s treasures. Harper has learned the secrets of Pasmaqon and has grown into her powerful magical being which is her strongest power of all. She is prepared to fight the villains of Pasmaqon, yet she is not prepared to fight her past villains that chose to find the only leak to the powerful lands beyond. 

Harper is about to sacrifice her life in a battle of the unknown as, she protects who she thought she would never consider as equals. She realizes the battle is non-other without their help. Wizard of Tide’s power has grown stronger, uncovering the secrets of Pasmaqon. To use his new found freedom to destroy the worlds around them. Harper discovers an old friend that carries the secrets of the book and the world. She unfolds the meaning that she longed to find, only to discover the darkness pulls her into a whirlwind of her own worst fears.


J.T. Brown was born and raised in Downeast, Maine, growing up in a family of fisherman and loggers. Many of her stories are inspired from the ocean which, she had created in her mind as a child. One particular land mark in Pembroke, Maine called the Reversing Falls, which is a unique natural phenomenon that is pulled by many currents that creates a churning whirlpool took her full interest.
J.T. Brown remembers the many trips that she took over the "Reversing Falls," on her father's fishing vessel, and remembers being full of fear of the currents engulfing them onto the bottom of the Falls. She used to look at the fierce cover of the sea's current in wonders what was on the bottom of the whirlpools. She created a story in her mind and thought about her thoughts often.
She put her thoughts on the back burner, as she grew into her life as a wife, a mother, and a business owner. She continued writing many stories in her own trade of comfort. A day on the ocean reminded her of the love for her ocean's tales. The story about Reversing Falls pulled its way back in her mind. She went home and started writing the first of the Trilogy "Reversing Worlds."
She chose not to tell a soul what she was working on, not even her husband that couldn't figure out the late nights of typing on the computer. Where as, she knew that the ones closest to her knew that she suffered with dyslexia, and what she thought would be a laughing matter, turned out as shocked of her many imaginable sense of the ocean.
J.T knew that writing this book would prove to herself that she could share her stories, even if it did take a bit longer to do. Her loved ones was stunned to learn that she published her story. J.T looked at it in a way of self discovery, in hopes to encourage many others to stride towards their dreams. J.T didn't stop there, she continued on with the Trilogy series in hopes to finish the Trilogy in 2013.
J.T's love for equines traveled along with her life as she continued sharing her love for horses with her daughter. When her daughter was a little girl, J.T faced a tough loss within her barn family, her mare from childhood, she called "Gypsy" had passed on though old age. Devastated she put her pain into creating a children's book called "Gypsy's Meadow." She put it away in plans on never reading it again. Her daughter found herself in the same pain in loosing her equine friend "Bambi."
J.T was familiar with the pain that her daughter was going through and shared the story with her in hopes that it would help with her grieving process. Shortly after, they visited a local equine shelter "First Light Farm Equine Shelter." Listening to the horses stories reminded them both of their horses. J.T's daughter suggested for them to finish the book and donate the proceeds to the shelter so that the shelter was able to help more horses find rightful homes. J.T jumped on the board, knowing that her daughter's heart was in the right place, and had comfort knowing that their story would help many other horses fighting for life.
They finished the Children's story in February of 2012, as they are sharing the proceeds with the farm in hopes that some day the proceeds will grow enough to reach out to other shelters. "Maybe someday the book will bring peace to the horse's that face killpens." J.T shares.
In the mean time J.T. Brown is in hopes of publishing "Trilogy Two, Part II" of the Reversing Worlds Series by the Summer of 2012.
She carries on a blog of short stories and updates on
You can also find more information about "First Light Farm Equine Shelter" at: 

A message from J.T. about Gypsy's Meadow:

"My daughter and I wrote a book a year ago to help out with a local shelter, the book is dear to my heart and I still can't read it all the way through- the editing process contained of mixing up the pages and such. We have been able to save two horses with this book so far, one is at our farm now, she adopted us and has become my daughters best friend. 
They bring tears to my eyes everyday, the connection that they have is so deserved on both parts. I am going to include this book as a thank you for taking the time with me, I have no expectation from you with this, just a gift. It is a small children's picture book and it has made a huge impact on my daughters and I's life. :)" 

A quick review of Gypsy's Meadow by J.T. Brown & Madison Brown.

I read Gypsy's Meadow last night and was very emotionally consumed by this story and I earnestly hope that those of you who read this blog will purchase this children's book. Because J.T. and her daughter are sharing the proceeds with First Light Farm and thus two horses have been saved so far. Some may think that two horses aren't very costly. But these horses were not in the best health when they were rescued. And just incase any of you did not know. A horse eats twice as much a cow. Just saying ;) Here is the link to Gypsy's Meadow <3

Here are the links to The Legend of Harper Trilogy

My tea of choice these reads was Ginger with honey and lemon and as always Happy Reading <3

Love, Book Nerd